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Competition Time!

Thanks to everyone for there awesome dream tattoo ideas!

If you haven’t got your entry in yet, theres still plenty of time for your chance to WIN a half day sit!

Submit your entry by clicking on the competition tab and filling the entry form!

Cheers from the team at North Shore Tattoo!

2 Comments for : Competition Time!
    • Richard
    • April 23, 2015

    love the new web page look awesome

    • shelley
    • May 1, 2015

    Not sure if right place to enter comp but i will leave comment and hope its in the right place. I would love a tattoo from u guys. I hav a few that i want but if i had half a day then i thinkbi would go with a back tattoo..kind of tree of life but realistic with a few special individual touches and of course i would love tge input of the artist and give a lot of artistic freedom with it. Im hoping to come in anyway and get a few smaller ones like a dream catcher, a simple eternal life symbol. Id still like a lizard along my forearm with colour and nice background. My 19 year old step son committed suicide on new years eve last year so i am looking to get a tattoo to honor him and the impact he has had on me. He was my lukey dukey dragon wen he was little so it woukd hav to focus on a dragon. I didnt add that bit to make me hav a better chance of winning, its just sumthing i really want among the others. Id love to win and come and spend sum time with u. If i dont win then hopefully i will meet u all soon anyway.

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